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Kicktraders Checkers

Kicktraders is designed to be the ideal place where you can buy and sell sneakers of any style and value. That’s why we are constantly implementing new features and ideas to ensure our customers have a great, smooth experience every time. Which is where the Kicktraders checkers come into play.

What are checkers?

Checkers are dedicated sneakerheads whose main focus is to authenticate all the sneakers Kicktraders sellers want to sell to their customers. In order to maintain a true focus on value and quality, it’s very important for us to ensure that every sneaker is legit and high quality. Which is why we have a dedicated team of checkers whose main focus is to study every pair of sneakers with great attention and focus. Kicktraders only sells authentic, legit and high quality sneakers, and our checkers have many years of experience in identifying fake sneakers. This way you can rely on us to offer the best value and results.

A true focus on value and reliability

We take checkers very seriously, and only certain persons can become a checker. Every checker takes a test, and they are taken into consideration only if they reply 16 out of 20 answers correctly. On top of that, every checker’s background and ratings are displayed on our website. The checker’s progress is monitored properly to ensure quality results.

How does it work?

A buyer sends the request to buy an item to the checkers, then they will make appointments to perform the desired check. These can be made via pictures or Zoom. Once the checkup process is performed, a report is delivered, showing if the item is fake or not. The report is sent to the admin, seller and buyer. Additionally, in order to enforce safety, the Kicktraders system is keeping money in the escrow system until the checkers share their results.

Why are our checkers important?

Kicktraders is very serious when it comes to the legitimacy and quality of every sneaker we sell. We also want to offer great options and benefits to all buyers and sellers. That’s why we hire qualified checkers to ensure every customer has the best experience. This way buyers know that all sneakers are authentic and sellers just have to set the desired price, send the sneakers to us, our checkers will test their legitimacy and if it’s all good, the seller gets paid.